Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's that time of year!

It's springtime!  Preparation for the upcoming season is in full swing --  applications have been submitted and we've been blessed with invitation to many of the shows we'd hoped to attend!
After the usual spring clean up here at 585, it's time to step away from the garden and get busy in the studio.  This is when the ideas for this year's collection start happening.

One of my favorite things is displaying fresh new work.  The entire time I'm crafting I think about the 'story' I want to tell when I set up at my next event.  I think about different groupings -- the color combinations, graphic designs and compositions that will make a strong statement when they all come together.  I keep my eyes open for interesting things to use for display.  I love poppy pods and other structural things that have gone to seed.  Sometimes a delicate fern or a colorful succulent is the starting point.  I can't wait to bring all my goodies out and see what goes where.

I also like to look at stuff with a magnifying glass.  This 'fishnet' pattern was inspired by close inspection of...( you guessed it ) my stockings.  I thought it was interesting how the mesh contoured wide and narrow when it stretched over my legs.  It's kind of fun and brings in a hit of mid-century modern. 
When it's 100 degrees and I'm so tired I can't think straight, the anticipation of seeing my 'story' come together is pretty powerful and drives me to push on.  Ha ha, I've let a little too much of my brain show.