Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcome autumn..........

Rounding third on 2012... my yard looks like a regional conference for pine jays!

Filling orders and calling on inspiration for the upcoming season.  My newest designs maintain the essence of existing work while capturing a bit of mid-century modern (of which i am so fond).  I enjoy many styles and eras but am continually drawn to the clean and simple functionality for which those Scandinavian designers became well recognized.
The rock bowls...well, they rocked this year!  For those unfamiliar, these are specially crafted vessels using boulders from an ice dam on Mt. Hood as forms.  Several years ago warm rains broke the dam and rushed massive quantities of debris down the Hood River, depositing into the Columbia.  It was exciting to find beautifully smooth, round black rocks, a type I had never seen.  We carted home as many as we could, already with a vision of how they would be used.  They're lovely, unique and functional! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home again!

The big push for summer shows has come and gone and it's great to be home!  It's difficult to explain the mix of absolute fatigue and exhilaration we experience each summer.  It seems like I should be quite skinny based on how hard I've been working. Ha!
Our shows went well and I must thank all of you---both friends and acquaintances-- for making our endeavors successful. 
Truly, we have been blessed.
We had a blow out on the way to Park City.  We cheered the women's Olympic gymnasts!  We stayed one step ahead of wildfire smoke in Ketchum.  We ate the best burger ever in Jackson at the Rendezvous Bistro.  We shared camp with deer and moose, heard about a bear and surprisingly, never saw a single bison. 
We met future Olympians, paramedics, prayer partners, younger, elder.  We hugged on old friends, hugged on new ones.  We completely enjoyed our new toyhauler (must admit my favorite aspect is being served coffee without getting out of bed)  We shared camp with artist friends, dogs and campers we'll likely never see again.  We hit Heise hot springs outside Idaho Falls and practiced Michael Phelps moves.......our pups Roman and Tinker scored A+ the entire trip!! 
One thing I am thankful for--knowing that this is an election year, we were prepared for the inevitable barrage of political rantings----and it wasn't so!! Unlike 2008, it was pretty quiet out there.  Hmmm.  
We'll be at the Corvallis Fall Festival next weekend, come see us?  No Ducks game scheduled...:)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello and welcome!

Hi-- Working ever so hard to prepare for the string of events we've lined up for the summer!
Perry and I both a bit overwhelmed (what else is new?)  finally realizing perhaps I work best under the gun.
Forever grateful to the One who supplies our strength and provides for every need----certainly notice the days I fail to begin with prayer.
Looking forward to hugs and visits with friends and acquaintances in all the many places we'll exhibit---you stay in our hearts all year long, well after show season has wrapped up.
Thanks to all and see you soon!