Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcome autumn..........

Rounding third on 2012... my yard looks like a regional conference for pine jays!

Filling orders and calling on inspiration for the upcoming season.  My newest designs maintain the essence of existing work while capturing a bit of mid-century modern (of which i am so fond).  I enjoy many styles and eras but am continually drawn to the clean and simple functionality for which those Scandinavian designers became well recognized.
The rock bowls...well, they rocked this year!  For those unfamiliar, these are specially crafted vessels using boulders from an ice dam on Mt. Hood as forms.  Several years ago warm rains broke the dam and rushed massive quantities of debris down the Hood River, depositing into the Columbia.  It was exciting to find beautifully smooth, round black rocks, a type I had never seen.  We carted home as many as we could, already with a vision of how they would be used.  They're lovely, unique and functional! 

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