Friday, April 25, 2014


when I set up this blog I thought I would enjoy posting pictures and sharing thoughts about life and ceramics....ha!   You can see how faithfully I have 'tended the garden'!   My family continues to grow and I adore being Lola ( grandma ) to 4 beautiful children who all live within a mile.  It's becoming more difficult to leave town!
By the time I return from my travels, the light is beginning to change and summer is fading.  The kids are excited about their new school shoes and I feel I have missed out on warm lazy days on a quilt coloring and eating watermelon with them.  I have missed summer in Hood River at her finest once again.
Don't get me wrong....I do enjoy returning to our favorite beautiful places AND the acquaintances who have become sweet friends over the years.  There must be a way to reconcile this dilemma!   So.... in my quest to address this I am REALLY trying to navigate a FB biz page and complete the website I keep promising.   
If you are inclined, please visit my page at Melanie Thompson Artware (and 'like' it:)  I need your help for high visibility in addition to the festivals. I'm writing to every person who has kindly shown interest in my artware over the past 15 years.  Thank you for rewarding my efforts....truly, you're the reason I keep making it!  
Make it a great day! 

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